MonsBox ?

Our assets


Only 5 minutes from Mons city center and 3 minutes from a motorway exit (23bis-Ath).

The fastest and easy to access storage center in Mons and its surroundings.

Online services

Ask for your quote in a few clicks or call-us on 065/65.19.02.

A member of our team will get back to you to advise you on the right box and make an appointment to receive the access badge.

Temporary solution

With a minimum rental period of one month and a single 15-day notice to terminate your contract, MonsBox offers a temporary and flexible solution for all your storage needs.

If your storage volume needs change, we will install you in another box more suited to your needs and at no additional cost.

Secure infrastructures

Votre centre de self-stockage MonsBox dispose de toutes nouvelles infrastructures ultra sécurisées et mordernes.
L'accès au parking est limité aux clients en possession du badge d'accès et vous êtes le seul à pouvoir accéder à votre box grâce au cylindre de sécurité dont vous seul avez la clé.

Mons family business

It would have been difficult to doubt it, MonsBox is a 100% Mons company founded by a family of Mons traders.

With our experience, we will be able to satisfy your need for storage space and our team is always available to answer your questions.

Professional solution

Benefit from many economic advantages such as:

➥ Absence of local taxes (property or housing tax)
➥ No rental charge (electricity, security, ...)
➥ No agency fees
➥ Monthly invoicing with recoverable VAT on the rental of the storage box

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