Tools and Tips

How to properly pack and store your belongings

"At MonsBox, we master the art of storage and we are happy to guide our customers. Follow our advice to optimize the choice of your box and think of all our tips when you store your belongings. "

Storage tips

Too often, we forget in which box the desired object is located.

Too often, the object you need the most is the least accessible.

To avoid this, it is important to think before you act by organizing the space of your box optimally.


Draw a plan of your box

Draw a plan of your box and indicate the location of the boxes and/or furniture you store. The items you use the most will be in the front of your box. Attach this plan inside your box.



Boxes size

If possible, use boxes of the same size.


Placement of boxes

Stack up to the ceiling with the heaviest boxes at the base and leave a central aisle for easy access. You will simplify your life by directing the names of the boxes towards the central aisle.



Store small items

Use the space available inside your furniture to store smaller things.


Tools and household appliances

Do not forget to take the necessary measures for the storage of certain tools or
household appliances (Empty the fuel tank, Dry the fridge and leave the door ajar, ...)



Use sheets

Use sheets or pieces of cardboard to separate your most fragile goods (tables, chairs, bookcase, ...).


Unauthorized items

Check the list of unauthorized items in our general conditions


Find out how to properly pack your belongings