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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference with a garage or a traditional storage unit? ?

The self-storage unit that MonsBox offers allow you to store your goods in the short or long term under cover in boxes of varying sizes.
In addition, your box is closed by a padlock of which only you have the key.
You can freely access your box during the opening hours of the MonsBox site using your personal access badge.

At the opposite, traditional furniture storage keep your goods in a sealed container to which only they have access. Your furniture is only available by appointment and at your expense.

Rent a box

How do I proceed to rent a box ?

Nothing's easier:

➥ If you don't know the volume you need yet, use our volume simulator and request your quote for free.

➥ If you know it, go to the pricing page for an overview of the available boxes.

Your contract

What are the payment methods ?

The accepted payment methods are:

Bank transfers
We encourage payments by bank transfers. For convenience, we advise you to establish a standing order at your bank or on your banking application.

By credit/debit card
You have the possibility to pay your rent directly in your MonsBox self-storage center by credit/debit card.

Access to your box

How can I access my box ?

Access to the MonsBox site is via the portal located at 11, Avenue de la Joyeuse entrée using your personal access badge.
You will have access to a parking where you can unload your belongings to transport them inside your box using the trolleys that we make available to you.