Business storage

A secure storage space that suits your need

111 Box

Video surveillance system

A secure storage space that suits your needs

111 Box

24/7 Secure service

Video surveillance system

Are you a Craftsman, Merchant or Entrepreneur?

Our storage spaces are adapted to offer you a simple and flexible storage solution, available when you need it, easy to access and adapted to your needs:
Keep your archives, administrative and accounting documents safe.
Store your bulky tools.
Secure your merchandise or advertising material.

Do you represent an SME or exercise a liberal profession ?

MonsBox storage boxes are the solution for :
Keep your archives, your administrative and accounting documents safe.
Simplify an office move project.
Benefit from many economic advantages such as :

  • ž Absence of local taxes (property or housing tax)
  •     No warehouse tax
  •     No lease constraint (only 15 days notice is required)
  •     No rental charge (electricity, security, etc.)
  •     No agency fees
  •     Monthly invoicing with recoverable VAT on the rental of the storage box

If you need space,

We have it !


Going abroad


Seasonal material storage

Simply follow the instructions :

Assess your storage volume requirement

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Our packaging and storage tips.

Prepare with our tips